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​Because you will:

  • Meet people and build relationships within your community
  • Share your skills and time
  • Support the seniors in Harpswell
  • Give back to your community
  • Make a positive difference in someone's life
  • ​Have fun!

Different Ways to Volunteer

Download a Volunteer Application Here  

Why Volunteer?

We are ​looking for people who have skills in:

  • party or event planning - to organize and run fundraising events

  • website design/maintenance - to manage our website
  • social work or nursing - to conduct home visits and provide resources to seniors
  • ​volunteer management - to help build a volunteer recruitment and support program
  • cooking and hosting ​- to join our "Lunch with Friends" team
  • photography, videography - ​to document our events
  • leadership - to co-chair our various committees
  • writing and graphic design - to join our Communications team
  • ​safe driving ​- to join our Transportation team and provide free rides to seniors
  • social connection - to make weekly calls to seniors in need of socialization
  • electrical and plumbing skills - to join our Home Repairs team
Harpswell Aging at Home