To be eligible for no-cost HAH home repairs and weatherization, the homeowner must:  

  • live in Harpswell 

  • be 60 years old or older

  • own his/her home or live in a home owned by someone in his/her family

  • have an annual income below 80% of the Cumberland County Area Median Income ​

To apply to have home repairs and weatherization work done, call Linda Strickland at the Town Office, (207)-833-5771 

Types of Home Repairs Include

The kind of work our team does varies from home to home.  

A customized work plan is developed for every home repair project.  

Types of work include:

   Installing grab bars

   Installing handrails

   Improving lighting

   Replacing faucets

   Changing door knobs

   Fixing doors and windows

   Installing and repairing rain gutters 

   Repairing decks and stairs

   Installing wheelchair ramps

   Installing interior storm windows

   Installing insulation and weather stripping

   Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors​​​​                    (207) 833-5771

How To Get Started

Home Repairs and Resources Program

Want to Help?

Do you want to stay in your home as you get older and need home repair work that you are unable to do and can’t afford to have done? Two-thirds of  the Harpswell Aging at Home (HAH) survey respondents identified routine repair and maintenance as top concerns. 

To address this need, HAH has partnered with Habitat for Humanity 7 Rivers to do no-cost home repairs and weatherization. The Town of Harpswell has partnered with HAH to do the initial determination of income eligibility. Starting with the first contact, all matters are handled confidentially, protecting the identity of the homeowner. 

Bob Bauman, Chair Home Repairs and Resources

Are you interested in joining our Home Repair team?:

​Team members have varing degrees of experience, but all enjoy helping others and the comaraderie among the team.

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