Make your check payable to our fiscal agent, Holbrook Community Foundation (HCF), with 'Restricted to HAH' in the memo line.  

Your donation qualifies for a tax deduction under HCF.

Mail to:

      Harpswell Aging at Home

     P.O. Box 25

     Harpswell, ME 04079


Do you have skills or experience that might be of use to HAH?  Please Contact Us


  Exciting matching fund news!

 HAH is grateful to the Merriconeag Fund for their generosity in offering to match any contribution which comes to Harpswell Aging at Home before December 31, 2021, up to a total of $10,000.  Your gift will be doubled! HAH appreciates each contribution and every dollar sent to HAH benefits our senior neighbors here in our town. All contributions are tax-deductible and go directly to the services our volunteers provide. 

 To be successful, we need community members to invest in our effort so we can maintain: a P.O. Box, print resource guides, host a website, present cooking events, and help low-income seniors with critically needed home repair projects.  A small donation goes a long way!  Please give generously today.

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hah@hah.community​​​​                      (207) 833-5771

Harpswell Aging at Home