You can make a difference!

HAH is an all-volunteer, grassroots effort that helps older Harpswell residents thrive while aging in our community.  Whenever possible, we partner with organizations like Habitat for Humanity 7 Rivers, People Plus and Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program to meet our goals.

However, volunteered and donated services can only go so far!  To be successful, we need community members to invest in our effort so we can maintain a P.O. Box, print resource guides, host a website, present cooking events and help low-income seniors with critically needed home repair projects.  A small donation goes a long way!  Please give generously today!

Dave Brown, C0-Chair HAH

Ways to Donate

Here's how your donation could help!​​​​                      (207) 833-5771

   $25     prints color event flyers and buys postage for mailings

   $50     prints resource material

  $100    buys several new tools for our home repair effort

  $150    buys an ad for one of our fundraisers

  $250    pays for weatherization to keep a low-income senior warm

  $500    buys insurance for our home repair tools and trailer

$1,000   pays for the ingredients and supplies for 6 "Cooking with Friends"


$1,500   covers the cost of materials for one home repair project that will

                help a low-income senior live more safely and comfortably at home


Make your check payable to our fiscal agent, Holbrook Community Foundation (HCF), with 'Restricted to HAH' in the memo line.  

Your donation qualifies for a tax deduction under HCF.

Mail to:

      Harpswell Aging at Home

     P.O. Box 25

     Harpswell, ME 04079


Do you have skills or experience that might be of use to HAH?  Please Contact Us

Harpswell Aging at Home