*Jerry Klepner, Co-Chair

*Lili Ott, Co-Chair

*Sue Baker, Secretary

*Anne Taft Treasurer

 Dave Brown

 Jane Clavet

*John Ferraro

 LeAnne Grillo

 Hugh Hardcastle

 Surrey Hardcastle
 Gayle Hays
 Steve Ingram

 Judy Muller

  *Executive Committee 


 David Chipman, Ex Officio Member

 Jay McCreight, Ex Officio Member

 Jess Maurer, Ex Officio Member

 Rob Montana, Acting Chairman for   Communications

 Julie Moulton, Internal Operations


Food Committee

Chair: Surrey Hardcastle

Communications Committee

Acting Chair: Rob Montana

Health and Wellness Committee

Chair: Gayle Hays

Home Helpers Committee

Chair: Jerry Klepner

Home Repairs Committee

Chair: Steve Ingram

Resources Committee

Chair: Judy Muller

Transportation Committee

Chair: Hugh Hardcastle 

Formally founded in July 2015, Harpswell Aging at Home (HAH) is a grassroots community organization created, maintained, and led by older Harpswell residents. We are committed to fostering low-cost or no-cost initiatives that help older adults thrive while aging at home. Our overall goal is to help older adults find the services they need to age in place.  

hah@hah.community​​​​                (207) 833-5771

HAH Steering Committee

Our Partners

A Special Thanks to Those Who Helped Found 

Harpswell Aging at Home 2015-2016 Founders List

Harpswell Aging at Home