*Jerry Klepner, Co-Chair

*Lili Ott, Co-Chair

*Sue Baker, Secretary

*Anne Taft Treasurer

 Dave Brown

 Jane Clavet

*John Ferraro

 LeAnne Grillo

 Hugh Hardcastle

 Surrey Hardcastle
 Gayle Hays
 Steve Ingram

 Judy Muller

  *Executive Committee 


 David Chipman, Ex Officio Member

 Jay McCreight, Ex Officio Member

 Jess Maurer, Ex Officio Member

 Rob Montana, Acting Chairman for   Communications

 Julie Moulton, Internal Operations


Food Committee

Chair: Surrey Hardcastle

Communications Committee

Acting Chair: Rob Montana

Health and Wellness Committee

Chair: Gayle Hays

Home Helpers Committee

Chair: Jerry Klepner

Home Repairs Committee

Chair: Steve Ingram

Resources Committee

Chair: Judy Muller

Transportation Committee

Chair: Hugh Hardcastle 

Formally founded in July 2015, Harpswell Aging at Home (HAH) is a grassroots community organization created, maintained, and led by older Harpswell residents. We are committed to fostering low-cost or no-cost initiatives that help older adults thrive while aging at home. Our overall goal is to help older adults find the services they need to age in place.  

HAH Steering Committee

hah@hah.community​​​​                (207) 833-5771

Our Partners

A Special Thanks to Those Who Helped Found 

Harpswell Aging at Home 2015-2016 Founders List

Harpswell Aging at Home