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​​Volunteers are the key to the success and sustainability of HAH. Volunteer opportunities are many.  Join us in helping our community age in place.

"My wife and I are 86 and 85. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate HAH and all the things you are doing in our community. We get to as many Lunch with Friends as we can. The socialization at our age is so important".

"If it weren’t for HAH I would not be able to remain in my home. The Meals in a Pinch was a godsend. They helped so much.”


Harpswell Residents

"“First you came and fixed my railings and decks so they’re now safe, then you gave me the kind woman who calls me every week to talk and gives me so much support, and now you come and drive us to our appointments. I just don’t know how to thank you. You already helped in so many ways, but this week, we could not have made it without you. Please say thank you to everybody at HAH and tell them all how you have changed our lives.”."  


Harpswell Resident

We Impact Lives


​​​​Making Harpswell Home for Your Lifetime


Harpswell Aging at Home (HAH) is a community-led organization committed to helping people thrive while aging at home. 



Current programs include: Home Repairs, Resources, Home Helpers, Transportation, Lunch with Friends, Meals in a Pinch, and Seniors Connecting.  

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Lunch With Friends,Fall 2019. Please join us! For our calendar, click here.

​Food Newsletter for Late Fall, click here

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​Check out our Meals in a Pinch Program on the Programs Page.


Harpswell Aging at Home