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​​Volunteers are the key to the success and sustainability of HAH. Volunteer opportunities are many.  Join us in helping our community age in place.


New! Harpswell Sharing Tables is organized by Merrymeeting Gleaners to provide free local produce for those in need. Click here for more details.

Latest information regarding the summer lunch program

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​Forecaster article "Hah Helps Seniors Stay Healthy, Active".

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Summer 2020 Newsletter.

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"Mom's eager for winter to come so she can enjoy the snow that doesn’t come in the back porch storm door and the breezes that don’t blow through the front door and the door to the patio. New handrails will make access to the storage level in the garage and passing from the back porch to the driveway safer and easier for herself and her friends.

"If it weren’t for HAH I would not be able to remain in my home. The Meals in a Pinch was a godsend. They helped so much.”


Harpswell Residents

“I can’t believe how much safer my platform for getting into the tub feels. The no-slip surface you put on it will keep me from falling off, and the bigger step doesn’t hurt my foot when I step on it. And you even painted it the color I wanted. Thank you so very much! We’re so lucky in Harpswell to have your team available to keep us older folks safe. I just wish there was something I could do for you and your team.”


Harpswell Resident

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Current programs include: Home Repairs, Resources, Home Helpers, Transportation, Lunch with Friends, Meals in a Pinch, and Seniors Connecting.  



Harpswell Aging at Home (HAH) is a community-led organization committed to helping people thrive while aging at home. 

Harpswell Aging at Home